Benefits of Developing Communication Competence

Discussion on the Benefits of Developing Communication Competence

Required Textbook:



Communication competence is defined as the, “knowledge of effective and appropriate communication paterns and the ability to use and adapt that knowledge in various communicatiion contexts.”

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Step 1 : In a 200-300 word post answer the following questions:

1.) Explain why developing communication skills are important to you in your future professional career. Be specific.

2.) What area(s) of communication competence do you wish to improve (public speaking, conflict management, intercultural, or listening)? Why? Explain.

3.) Provide an example of how poor communication has personally impacted you in the professional or college environment. Explain.



· Complete Initial Response – 15 Points: Your initial response should demonstrate analysis (review the link labeled Analyzing versus Summarizing in Modules.) Your initial response should be fully developed addressing the question with adequate examples from the assigned reading and thoughtful explanation of why or how. A complete initial response is a minimum of 200 words in length.

· Two comments to colleagues – 15 Points: After you complete your initial response to an online question, you should read through several of your colleagues’ responses and choose at least two to provide a comment to. Often a student will choose to comment on a response that was most helpful to them in understanding the course material better or one that they found interesting or intriguing. Any comment to a colleague should adequately explain why you found your colleague’s response helpful, interesting or intriguing and be at least 100 words in length.

· Organization, evidence of proofreading, spelling checked and proper capitalization – 10 Points: Your posts should demonstrate that you carefully proofread, be organized, free of spelling errors, typos and fragments and follow capitalization conventions.