Berger’s theory of externalization

In your own words** what does Berger’s theory of externalization, objectification, and internalization mean? Can you summarize this in 1-2 sentences to show that you understand the basic point?

2-What was your favorite example from the Garfinkel reading?

3-Describe an experience you’ve had where you have to manage your “front stage” and “back stage” as Goffman described? Was it tiring, as Hochschild describes?

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4-Which of the ideas from the critical theories resonated with you the most and why?

5-Thinking about all of the theories that we explored in the 2nd half of the semester for contemporary theory, which include:

1) functionalism, 2) conflict, 3) exchange theory and rational choice, 4) globalization, 5) symbolic interactionism, 6) critical theories


Which theory(theories) resonated with you the most and why?

6-Thinking about everything that we have covered in the semester since the first day of class… Do you think sociological theory will inform your perspective after this class? Why or why not? And how?

7- One great thing about Symbolic Interactionism is the way it sheds light on our every day interactions and illuminates the social performances that we cultivate (often unconsciously!).

What “scripts” or schemas do you find yourself performing in your daily life? In other words, what did this branch of theory illuminate about YOUR daily “staged” behavior?

We all do it! Share examples that you feel comfortable sharing with the group here.

8- In your minds–what are some of the most pressing topics/concepts/ideas/perspectives that Sociology should “deconstruct” in the future?

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