Bernardo and MarcoIlus, The Watch


Coosbae for Hamlet: Act 1 Answer the following questions thoroughly and thorough. (more than two sentences)
1. What have Bernardo and MarcoIlus seen twice before dieing that watch? Why does Marceara ask Horatio to join in the watch?
2. What has young Fortebras of Norway worn done? Why ens the peps of Denmark Prang for war?
3. Accorrting to Horatio. what happened in Rome shortly before Julius Cesar was assassinated? What possible explanation occurs to Bernardo for the appearance of the ghost at the time?
4. Who has recently bled? What has this persons widow done? How does Hamlet feel about these events? How do you know?
5. What requests Claw :Sus and Gertrude make of Hamlet? Does Hamlet Intend to honor these requests? Why or wily not?
6. What advice does Laertes give to Ns sister Ophelta before departing for France? What view of Hamlet. or perhaps of young men general does Laelresa advice imply?
7. Why does Polonius detain his son shortly after chiding him for not already being aboard the ship? What sort of man Is Polonius?

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