Biblical Themes Exercise



This activity bridges scriptural literature and affirms spiritual formation, consistency, and relevance in the life of the believer. As Christians, we have an initial encounter with Christ where we ask Him to forgive our sins; but there is also a process of spiritual growth facilitated by the study of God’s Word. In this encounter He uses both the Old and New Testaments to shape, form, and mold us into His likeness and to equip us for service through the disciplined study of Scripture.

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Create a concept map to identify the connection of the Old and New Testaments by doing the following:

Select an appropriate concept-mapping tool of your choice.

You may also hand draw this timeline. If you do, you must scan it for submission, which can be done through a variety of free apps available on smart devices.

Once you have selected how you will develop the timeline, follow the directions below:

List the name of each of the 66 books of the Bible in your chosen diagram format.
Briefly list the theme of each of the 66 books of the Bible in your chosen diagram format.
Connect each book with all the other book/s that have a similar/same theme or message.


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