Biochemistry topic relatBiochemistryed to Biochemistry

Identify a media source/topic that discusses a topic relatBiochemistryed to Biochemistry. Give some background on what’s being discussed, and why it is an important topic. (250 – 300 words). Watch some news shows, read some newspaper articles. Look up a Blog. Whatever! Identify a source that discusses a biochemistry-related topic in some detail. Some examples include brief discussions about metabolism, diseases, genetic mutations, vaccine/drug development or even scientific situations that are ethically questionable. Once you have identified a scene you will introduce your topic, and include the following: 1. The specific source you are using. Either a link to it, or paste the article into a word document. 2. Summarize the scientific concept being discussed. Detail is key here. It shouldn’t have to be long, but it does need to have DETAIL! Use appropriate scientific terminology. Including a diagram of a pathway or process, and/or chemical reactions, is encouraged if appropriate. 3. Why is this topic of concern to society in general? 4. Describe why the identified source was flawed, and fix it. (250 – 300 words). Describe the misconceptions or flaws in the source you identified in Part I. Explain why the information portrayed is confusing, incomplete or incorrect in their explanation of biochemistry, and the potential consequences of that. Next, correct these misconceptions or problems with the source by correcting or clarifying the information. Again: Detail is key here. Use appropriate scientific terminol