BIOL3090 Molecular Biology


Topic name: Lobular Breast Cancer – can we identify the patients likely to have a poor prognosis?


1. Read (Australian research articles (new 2017,2018, 2019 and 2020) from 3 investigators:

  • Dr Amy McCart Reed
  • Dr Peter Simpson
  • Prof Sarah-Jane Dawson

And write at least Nine dot points from these articles related to the topic (e.g. named genes, named proteins, named pathway or genetic factors or mutation etc.)

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Note: (Search on PubMed) Do not quote summary content from the introduction of these papers since that is NOT their result – make sure you quote information that is newly described by the paper such as their results and the implications of the results as discussed in the paper.

Beside each dot point record the name of research article (Harvard style) and from which part/ section of the article you got the information (result, discussion, etc.)

2. Australian’s General Websites That Provide An Introduction To Your Topic:

In relation to your topic area, record details for two websites you have found that are useful for general introductory information, pathways and treatment. These sites may be used for general understanding of your research topic but do not include these as sources in you Research Report. Only use peer reviewed papers in your Research Report.

For each of these 2 sites, record

1/ The Name and URL of the sites

2/ Provide a short statement of which of these two sites you prefer, which is more useful for you research project?

3/ What evidence do you have that the chosen site is trustworthy.

4/ For this site, make a dot point summary of at least 3 useful pieces of information.

5/ What information from the website is most useful to help understand or frame the content of your research papers.

3. Finding Specific Review Articles That Summarise Similar Content To Your Research Papers

In the previous activity you found some research articles from the Chief Australian Investigators (3 investigators). You are now to broaden your search to find some review articles that encompass this topic and help put the Australian research into perspective.

In particular search for information that relates to key proteins, genes or molecular pathways etc that were discussed in the research papers, for instance you might be able to find review article(s) that discusses something relevant to the dot points you made earlier from the (3 investigators) authored papers. Do not be concerned about the authors of these papers – in fact it would be good practice to get papers written by diverse authors (different to the CIA’s) so that there is less bias in the topic discussion.

Note: Use the Advanced Search tool in PubMed to find review articles.

The aim is to focus you search using keywords that you think are important based on you reading of the principal Australian investigators research publications (recall you have made dot points on these). Your aim is to find a review article(s) that build on your previous reading. Be sure to find papers that include key molecular pathways, genetic factors, proteins or genes.

Then Download your ‘History and Search Details’ from PubMed and include this as a table so that you have a record of what you did. Include a brief discussion of this table. How effective was your search to find review articles that relate directly to the Australian research papers? Include mention of the numbers of papers you found and describe the strategies you used to focus your search. E.g. Did you modify your search terms? What other terms did you use? How many articles did you find for these new/modified terms? How many articles were in your final search