Biology Protein Project

Biology Protein Project. Structure/Function Story Use feedback from worksheet. Accurately represent current biological knowledge about assigned protein. Speculations about unresolved structural or functional aspects of your protein will not be accepted. Your target audience is not a structural biologist. Be careful when you simplify the research that you do not misrepresent our current understanding of the protein. You must relate structure and function in your story. Your story must relate your protein to cellular or systemic physiology. You must incorporate and reference more than 2 manuscripts in your story. Your story must include a picture of your pdb (either screen capture or export jpg from Jmol). Your story must explain the colors selected for your model either embedded in your story or as a key next to the picture. You will lose points for poor grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. Need to have: Structure/Function Specificity, link chemistry to mechanism, mutations, deletions, etc. Accuracy Article, references, etc. Physiology Link Connect protein & model to cellular or systemic physiology Writing Style Clarity, grammar, etc. Model Key Figure of model with colors labeled References Must include 3 or more that directly relate to your model/protein

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