managing security vulnerabilities based on the concept of reasonable assurance

  • What are the key elements of a multilayer process for managing security vulnerabilities based on the concept of reasonable assurance?
  • What actions must be taken in response to a security incident?
  • What is computer forensics, and what role does it play in responding to a computer incident?

Develop A Business Strategy That Will Allow Airbnb To Meet Local, State

Read “Case 2: Airbnb in 2018” in your Connect textbook.

In the accommodations market, Airbnb appears to have a significant advantage over its competitors as it relates to regulations affecting the operations of its business.

Develop a business strategy that will allow Airbnb to meet local, state, and international regulatory requirements and motivate individuals to benefit from participating in this space of the accommodations market. Address the following questions:

o How can Airbnb ensure the ethical treatment of consumers?

o Should there be a separate strategy for the international component of their business model?

Analysis Of A Scene From XXY

Select a concept or argument found in any of the required articles for this week and apply it to a specific scene or to a broader set of storytelling choices in XXY.

Urban Physical Environment & Determinants Of Health

  1. Review the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) Social Determinants of Health (
  2. Nursing Judgement Questions:
    1. What are relevant social determinants of health as related to the physical environment?
    2. How do social determinants of health affect health promotion and wellness?

-250-300 words

-APA format

Business Level Strategy v. Corporate Level Strategy

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • Discuss the differences and relationships between a business-level strategy      and a corporate-level strategy.

Use examples from a company you are familiar with to illustrate these differences and relationships