Board meeting

Use the following scenario to answer the questions that follows:

One of the jobs that Joe Roberts has been given at work is to order special paper for a report for a board meeting. The paper comes in reams of 500 sheets. He always makes five more copies than the number of people that will be there. Joe wants to know how many reams of paper he needs for a meeting. He can order only whole, not partial, reams. Assume the required number of pages will not equal an exact number of reams. Test your solution with the following data:

  1. The report is 140 pages long.
  2. There will be 25 people at the meeting.
  3. Construct the Input-Processing-Output (I.P.O.) Chart for the chosen solution.
  4. Design an algorithm for the chosen solution.
  5. Draw the flowchart for the chosen solution

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