Book – A History of Western Society – The Egyptians

Write a paper that explains why is it important to learn about the ancient Egyptian civilization today.
1. Book – A History of Western Society – The Egyptians
McKay, et al Bedford/St Martins, 12th edition 2017.
(ISBN: 9781319031053)
2. JSTOR – CHAPTER TITLE: STRUCTURE AND CHANGE IN ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RELIGION, Book Title: From Akhenaten to Moses; Subtitle: Ancient Egypt and Religious Change; Book Author: Jan Assmann; Published by: American University in Cairo Press. (2014).
3. JSTOR – CHAPTER TITLE: DEVELOPMENT OF MARITIME TRADE IN THE EGYPTIAN WORLD DURING THE LATE BRONZE AGE, Book Title: The Sea in History – The Ancient World ; Book Editor(s): Philip de Souza, Pascal Around, Christian Buchert; Published by: Boydell and Brewer, Boydell Press (2017).
When you write your paper, imagine who your audience will be and write your text as if speaking directly to that audience. This means that your text could be in the form of an op-ed or a critical essay, addressing your audience of fellow students.
The paper needs to consist of a thesis statement, an argument, a conclusion, and a list of works cited. It needs to contain accurately included quotes immediately followed by accurate citations as well as summaries of the information found in the primary and secondary sources, also followed by citations. The paper should be no more than 1,500 words excluding the bibliography (1490–1510 words is acceptable).
Use MLA FORMAT and be consistent using this style throughout your paper. Make sure that your citations are clear so that your reader understands where you found your information.