Book review

Book: The Skin We’re in by Desmond Cole

Instructions & Important questions

What is the purpose of the book?
Explain the significance of the book’s subject matter at this time.
What is the author trying to accomplish?
How is the book relevant to issues and diversity in Canada?

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Issues in diversity
What are the key diversity, equity and inclusion issues explored in this book?
What social justice theory does this author use to convey his point?
Please give specific examples of this from the book.
Provide 4 examples and use additional scholarly resources.
Describe and provide 2 specific examples where the book challenges the mainstream ideologies and theories of issues of diversity, equity and inclusion in Canada.
How can this book be applied to advance/improve the criminal justice system and broader Canadian society?
Please explain how this book can be applied in understanding the realities of other communities (Indigenous and People of Colour).

Critical analysis
What, if anything, makes this an important work?
What does the reader stand to gain by reading this book?
What new knowledge/information was produced by this book?
Provide a critique of the book. What is missing? Where are the gaps? What could have been improved? Use additional scholarly resources when answering this question.
Does the book deliver on its promise of highlighting the lived realities and experiences of African Canadians? Does this book provide hope for justice, and if not, explain what justice looks like to you? Use additional scholarly resources.






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