Book review of Pure Invention.




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How the book relates to the concept of culture as talked about in seperate text book
Write a summary of the book Pure Invention: How Japan’s Pop culture conquered the world, and draw comparisons to the topic of culture as talked about in the international business textbook, “Introduction to global business: understanding the international environment and global business functions.” here are the provided instructions for the paper.

This project is designed to give students some control over what they will learn in this course. Students will be given the opportunity to submit a proposal for a project that is related to a topic from the textbook that you wish to learn more about. Students will be required to do a book report. There will be websites provided to potential book choices. Students can also choose a book that is not included in those websites. Your project/paper should include (1) a thorough summary of the book chosen and why you chose the book you did, (2) what did you learn from the book, (3) cite what the author of your textbook has written about the topic, (4) compare and contrast the book chosen and the textbook, and (5) summarize whether you agree or disagree with the message from the book chosen in your summary. All student-special-interest projects must be approved by the instructor prior to students engaging in the activities.

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