Book review on bipolar faith

1. Choose a book.
2. Read the book.
3. Create a review with the following criteria:
• An introduction that describes the book in terms of the author, title, and publisher.
• What was the thesis of the book?
• Create a brief summary: Was the book interesting? Informative? Well written? Do you agree with the author’s views – why or why not? In what ways
did the book challenge or support your view of the topic?
• Identify the themes of the book, the topics addressed, and describe how well the author addressed these issues. Cite examples.
• Define what, in your opinion, were the most important, memorable, or challenging positions the author took in the book and offer short quotes from
the book to substantiate your views.
4. Four to five pages, double spaced and one inch margins with Times Roman font size 12 will be acceptable. Write your review and set it aside. Look
at your review again after a day or two and make any adjustments necessary. Set it aside again. Look for editorial changes that you want to make and
then create a final draft to hand in.

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