Briefly describe the concepts of place, people, and function of your specified community.

Directions:Drive through the community (town/city) in which you live and provide an assessment of the elements listed below. Following data collection, develop three (3) diagnoses for your community. Choose one (1) priority diagnosis and complete the nursing process by developing interventions and evaluation criteria for this one (1) diagnosis.Design a 15-20 slide narratedPowerPoint presentation in which to present your project (guidelines are listed below).
NOTE: In order to SAFELY complete this assignment, it is recommended that you are the passenger in the vehicle and that you have a designated driver.
ASSESSMENT[Refer to Stanhope, p. 399, Table 18-1 and p. 420, Table 18-5].
1. Briefly describe the concepts of place, people, and function of your specified community. Please utilize the Tables posted in D2L to assist you with the assessment process. These tables are for your convenience, you do not have to include them in your PowerPoint presentation.
a. Size in square miles, acres, blocks, or census tracts
b. Transportation avenues (rivers, highways, railroads, sidewalks)
c. Physical environment such as land use patterns (e.g. farming, commercial, industrial, etc.)
d. Type/cost/condition of housing
e. Availability of utilities
Person (People):
a. Population (number and density)
b. Demographic structure of population
i. Age distribution
ii. Gender distribution
iii. Race/Ethnic distribution
iv. Economic distribution (income)
v. Education distribution
vi. Cost of housing
c. Mortality and Morbidity
i. Leading causes of death
ii. Most prevalent diseases
d. Formal groups
i. Schools/Universities
ii. Churches/Synagogues (denominations)
iii. Businesses/Industries
iv. Government bodies and political affiliations
v. Media usage (newspapers, radio, television, newsletters, bulletin boards, internet, etc.)
a.Maintenance of social control (police, EMS)
b. Health and Welfare agencies (Hospitals, clinics, etc.)
c. Adapting to ongoing and expected change (growth of the community)
d. Provision of assistance (Welfare agencies, shelters, food pantries, free clinics, etc.)

List the top THREE priority problems (diagnoses) for your community.

3. PLANNING/INTERVENTIONS/EVALUATION:Choose ONE priority problem and develop agoal/objective and at least five (5) appropriate nursing interventions and evaluation criteria for the goal/objective. Please include the use of key community leaders, members, and/or organizations in your interventions. Community nurses must work with an interdisciplinary team in order to be successful. Reflect this in your interventions. Utilize the Healthy People 2020 website to assist you with this portion of the project.

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[Refer to Stanhope pp. 421-423, Tables 18-6 to 18-11 to assist you with problem prioritization, goals/objectives, interventions, and evaluation.]

NOTE: You DO NOT have to complete Tables 18-6 to 18-11; they DO NOT need to be included in your PowerPoint presentation. You also DO NOT actually have to carry out the interventions and evaluation for this project.

After completing the windshield survey, diagnoses, goals/objectives, interventions, and evaluation for your community, design a 15-20 slide PowerPoint presentation of your project using VoiceThread on D2L. VoiceThread is located under the ‘More’ tab in the green area just under the course name on the course homepage. There is a VoiceThread tutorial located under ‘Tutorials and Guides’ on your D2L homepage. Please view the tutorial prior to accessing VoiceThread.

NOTE: Please make sure you have proofed your PowerPoint for any errors PRIOR TO posting to VoiceThread. Once the PowerPoint is posted to VoiceThread, you are not able to make changes to the slides.

PowerPoint presentations will be accessible for peer viewing and commentary under the VoiceThread tab