Bring It Home #3: Human Nutrition

Record your fluid intake from beverages (all liquid consumption) for a two-day period.  State the dates you chose and list each fluid separately (e.g., 24 oz water, 12 oz diet soda, 16 oz 1% milk, etc.).  Total each category and all fluids and average the total amount. (20pts)


2-Day Period  (ex. April 1-2nd)

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  • Water –              Day 1 – 20oz;  Day 2 – 30oz;   Total = 50oz
  • Regular Coke – Day 1 – 12oz;  Day 2 – 10oz;   Total = 22oz
  • Coffee –             Day 1 – 10oz;  Day 2 – 8oz;     Total = 18oz


  • Water –              20oz + 30oz = 50oz/2 days > 25oz per day
  • Regular Coke – 12oz + 10oz = 22oz/2 days > 11oz per day
  • Coffee –             10oz + 8oz = 18oz/2days    > 9oz per day

Fluid totals

  • Day 1 – 42oz fluid;  Day 2 – 48oz   >   90oz fluid over 2 days

Answer the following questions. (10pts each)

  1. In relation to your physical activity, do you feel you are getting enough fluids?
  2. Is a majority of your fluids coming from a source other than water?
  3. Could you improve your fluid intake in any way? How?