Business Case

HOSP 3005 Leading Service Excellence in the Hospitality Industry

Term Project Phase 1 – DEFINE

This project is designed to allow you to complete the primary components of a quality improvement project. Phase 1 is the “Define” phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC process.

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In this phase, you will define the problem to be solved, describe the scope and timeline for the project, and describe the current process. Please follow the instructions below, carefully.

Please review these important definitions before you start:

Project: The Six Sigma project that you will undertake in order to solve the problem defined in the “Background Information”.

Process: Step-by-step list of what happens now in the situation you are studying. See the “Flowchart Symbols and Example” posted in Ulearn for an example.

a. Business Case: Using the information from the separate “Background Information” document, create a Business Case for the change. (1 to 2 pages, double-spaced). Include answers to the following questions:

a. Describe the problem in a clear, concise statement. The problem statement answers the question “what pain is the organization experiencing that this project will correct?”

b. What is the goal of the change?

c. Why do the project now, and what are the consequences of NOT doing the project?

d. How will a change impact customers?

e. What are the expected financial benefits of the project?

b. Project Scope (1 page)Describe the Project Scope by answering the following questions:

a. What are the process boundaries? (Where does the process we are studying begin and end? For example, does it start at check-in, or at the time of the reservation, or even before that?)

b. What resources are needed for the project? Consider people, time, and money.

c. Timeline: Create a Gantt Chart or similar timeline chart for the project

a. Identify key tasks in the project.

b. Estimate timelines for each task

d. Process Flowchart: Create a Flowchart of the current process.

e. CTQ Measurements: List 3 Critical to Quality (CTQ) measurements for this project.