Business dynamics systems thinking and modelling for a complex world


Based on what you learned in SYS280: Business dynamics: systems thinking and modelling for a complex world tackle the following questions and attempt to answer them using an essay format of no more than 1000 words.

Q1: Elaborate on the effect of the current pandemic (COVID-19) on the entrepreneurship and small business sector (600 words, 50 marks)?

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Q2: As a consultant what do you recommend solutions to the management of the effected organisations, to stand up again in the market (250 words, 30 marks)?

Q3. Reflect on the experiences of working on your TMA and assess how it has developed your understanding of the course concepts (150 words 20 Marks)?


Your TMA should be based around an explanatory commentary in course terms that guides your tutor through your analysis and includes:

Your description of the problem situation using appropriate systems language where possible.
The Conceptualization should be illustrated using the procedural steps as discussed in Chapter 3.
Diagrams are required (where appropriate) to enhance the understanding of the applied steps.
5.Explanation of your recommendation and show could solve the problem situation.

6. A reflection on how your understanding of complexity has developed so far while engaging in this TMA.

7. You are asked to support your answers by clear examples from course materials or your own experiences

Note: should be including diagram for question 1 & 2.


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