Business idea work

The ten essential characteristics listed seemed to be crucial to be successful as an entrepreneur. Creativity is needed to set yourself apart from the competition or ensure that your business is successful in fulfilling the wants and needs of your target market. Passion is needed to fuel motivation through purpose. One must be motivated to take risks and push through the tough times to make a new business idea work. Optimism is necessary to keep spirits up in tough times and to create opportunity out of obstacles, allowing growth through challenges. It is important to be able to envision the future to plan, know where you want to be and where, when, and how to pave the road to get there.  It is impossible to set goals without consideration of the future.   No matter what your business is, or which industry you are in, you will always have to sell. You may have to sell your ideas, yourself, your product or your services, and the power of persuasion is crucial to that success.  Flexibility is important for the success of a new business. One must be flexible enough to roll up their sleeves and take on any role that needs filled for the business to be a success. New businesses face challenges and business owners must be resourceful to find ways of dealing with those challenges. Business owners must be able to find the answers or resources needed to work through challenges and be decisive enough to execute decisions to move forward. Decisiveness is a necessary characteristic for the fact that as a business owner you oversee making decisions to stay ahead of trends and take on new opportunities to increase revenues or reduce expenses. Lastly, business owners are often considered to be adventurous. Taking on the risks of entrepreneurship for the potential rewards is an adventure. These ten characteristics of a successful entrepreneur seem crucial in overcoming the obstacles and stress of business ownership. (Patel, 2017)