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Anderson, D. R., Sweeney, D. J., Williams, T. A., Camm, J. D., Cochran, J. J., Fry, M. J., & Ohlmann. J. W. (2021). Essentials of modern business statistics with Microsoft® Excel® (8th ed.). Cengage Learning

  • Chapter 1: Data and Statistics
  • Chapter 2: Descriptive Statistics: Tabular and Graphical Displays
  • Chapter 3: Descriptive Statistics: Numerical Measures
  • The full-text version of this ebook is available in your online classroom through Cengage’s MindTap platform. In MindTap, click on the Getting Ready link to access the assigned chapters for the week. This book is a comprehensive text on statistics and how to collect, analyze, and interpret data. Chapter 1 discusses types of data used in statistical analysis, including how the data is obtained and converted into meaningful information. Chapter 2 discusses tabular and graphical displays, and how they are constructed and interpreted. Chapter 3 discusses numerical measures to summarize data in terms of numerical values. These chapters will assist you in your Descriptive Statistics: Case Problem Business Schools of Asia-Pacific discussion forum and Week 1: MindTap Descriptive Statistics assignment this week.

Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, watch the Week 1 Introduction (Links to an external site.) video, and read Chapters 1, 2, and 3 in the MindTap ebook by clicking on the Getting Ready link for each chapter. You can access the MindTap ebook, Essentials of Modern Business Statistics with Microsoft® Excel®, in your online classroom.

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Step 1: Read:

Step 2: Do:

In a managerial report, use the methods of descriptive statistics to

  • Summarize the data in Data File AsiaMBA.
  • Summarize each variable in the data set.

Step 3: Discuss:

  • What new insights do these descriptive statistics provide concerning Asia-Pacific business schools? You should also analyze differences between local and foreign tuition costs, between mean starting salaries for schools requiring and not requiring work experience, and between starting salaries for schools requiring and not requiring English tests.