Business-to government

Imagine you are a manager of a company which is in need of IS solutions to your company needs similar to Kramp Group, looking for ways that technology can assist with sales. By reading the above article, you want to implement online business. You are required to address the following in your proposal through considerable amount of literature review.
1. Select a company of your choice and provide an overview about the company background, products and services its offering.
2. How do other types of E-Commerce such as business- to- consumer (B2C), consumer- to consumer (C2C), business-to government (B2G), differ from business- to- business (B2B) E-commerce?
3. kramp sees e-commerce as a compliment to its call centre operations. In this light, what risks do you believe your company need to accommodate when creating the IT infrastructure you now process?
4. What is a long tail strategy and why do you think it could be effective or non-effective to your business needs? What other types of businesses and industries might benefit from the use of a long tail strategy?
5. Discuss the pros and cons of outsourcing to your company. Also consider the issue of offshore outsourcing.
6. Suppose you are considering setting up an online business, discuss advantages and disadvantages for using e-commerce as compared to traditional physical store.
7. Choose multiple industries and provide an example company for each industry in which IT plays a strategic role by adding value and providing a competitive advantage through innovative application of IT. Now identify competitive counterpart companies for which IT does not play a strategic role. Report on the successes/failures of each pair of companies.