Capital  Investment 

Capital  Investment 
For the purpose of  this assignment, a project is  defined as any  endeavor   that had a capital outlay. Pick a project you have  recently  completed or one   you would like to complete in the near future. This  could be  a project in your   home, place of work, or even church or other  organization  with which you are   familiar. Respond to the prompts below. 
Introduce   your project with a reflection on the importance of          selecting the right   projects in which to invest capital. Do we always select          those projects that   have the highest return on investment (ROI)? 
Describe   the relationship between risk and return and how you would          measure for both in   your project. What other factors play into capital          budgeting decisions? 
Explain   how you would calculate the weighted average cost of          capital (WACC) and its   components for your project. 
Your  essay should be at least two pages in length, not counting the title    and  reference pages. You are required to cite and reference at least your    textbook.  Use APA format to cite in-text and reference citations.      

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