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Care transition for blog • Consider the consumer or patient perspective in your focus area. What about family/caregiver needs? How are they/could they be engaged in design or use of informatics tools and solutions? How can data, information, and technology improve consumer/patient/family knowledge and decision-making? • There are numerous contemporary issues that must be considered related to consumer health informatics, for example, trust considerations with consumer health data; health literacy; quality and access issues; integration of consumer health informatics and practice. Briefly discuss how these issues might be relevant for your focus area. How should these challenges be addressed by practitioners who may be recommending web resources or technologies for patients? Briefly reflect on these challenges and issues. • What technology(ies) are in use in your focus area to support consumers/patients/caregivers? What technologies could be applied to your focus area that are not currently being used (social media? Home health devices? Internet of things?)? • Discuss the legal and/or ethical considerations for technologies in your focus area. Are there any unique regulations or ethical challenges? • Discuss your vision for the future of data, information, and technology in your focus area. This is your opportunity to think big… what will be the challenges and opportunities that emerge in the next 5-10 years? • What are the social/political/economic factors that are motivating change and the role of data and technology in your focus area? • Revise your concept map to include concepts from throughout the course. Include your final concept map and a brief description of how it was developed, what it includes, and what it does not include in terms of course topics/concepts. • Final notes: What were your top 3 biggest learning points over the course of the semester? How will informatics influence your practice and/or career goals upon completion of your DNP program? • Throughout your post, be sure to demonstrate your understanding and synthesis of readings and activities from Weeks 1-8 of the course (cite course readings, integrate explanations of concepts/theories into your description of informatics in your focus area). You should expand on the topics in the prompts where appropriate to include other concepts (e.g., mobile health, patient health records, data security) from Weeks 7-8, particularly. • Include at least one additional informatics -focused reference outside of those required for class readings in your post. Perhaps a consumer -focused blog related to health or your focus area might be a nice addition. You should also consider including any multimedia (images, figures, videos) that help to describe informatics in your focus area.


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