Case study | TMGT311 | University of Texas at Arlington


The topic is Coronavirus however; you will need to narrow that topic down to one aspect I leave that process to you. APA 7th edition in-text citations and end of text references are REQUIRED. I am NOT requiring a title page or abstract. 

The document will have an Introduction; answer the following five questions, and a summary/conclusion section. End of text references will not be counted in the word count. 

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1. Describe the situation presented; provide background information related to the topic.

2. Develop a detailed chronology of events- both major events and those that seem, on first reading, relatively minor. 

3. Identify the relevant stakeholders and describe each stakeholder’s problem, goals, demands, and concerns. 

4. Describe the immediate outcome of this case.

5. Describe the long-term impact/outcome of this case.

For question five, I understand that the long-term impact will not be known by December 9th, 2020. What I want you to do is research the potential long-term impacts of this virus as related to your selected aspect of Covid-19