Phoenix Fine Electronics

Phoenix Fine Electronics would like more information about their system options and your recommendation. They are interested in learning how the strengths of the system can be turned into measurable values for the business upon implementation.

Modify the chart from your Wk 2 assignment by adding the following:

  • The strengths and weaknesses of each system
  • The impact of the strength and weakness

Cite at least 2 sources in the additional columns in your chart.

Write a business case for your recommendation. This business case will be revisited in Wk 6. As a guideline, this section of the business case should be approximately 3 to 4 pages in length, double-spaced.

Use the information from your executive summary and add the following information:

  • At least 3 measurable organizational values the new system will bring
  • The benefits of the value to the business
  • How these values will differentiate the business to customers
  • The risks of doing the project
  • The risks of not doing the project
  • The modified comparison chart (from above)
  • References

Assign 2

After reading the assigned readings for this module and completing the module content, answer the following questions in short paragraph form (4-5 sentences).

Answers must be in students’ own words. Any answers copied from the Internet will be assigned the grade of zero. Repeat offenses will result in disciplinary action.

  1. Compare the concerns of the Know Nothings with the agenda of Boss William Tweed’s political machine in relation to immigrants.
  2. Review the following reading link: Click here to access the reading. Identify where the Scandinavian immigrants came from and explain their settlement patterns in the United States.

MGT 311 Week 7

Question 1


In reading chapter 11, you learned an “I” message consists of (1) how someone’s behavior makes you feel, (2) what the specific behavior is, and (3) the effect of the behavior.

The following three situations show a need for an “I” message.

1. Four of your employees share a single telephone line. You are aware that one of them, Harry R., is especially long-winded on the phone and talks for as long as 15 minutes. This prevents others from placing outgoing calls and ties up the line, preventing customers from getting through.

2. It is a requirement that waiters at the upscale restaurant you manage wear white shirts and ties. One waiter has been loosening his tie, dropping the knot about two inches, and unbuttoning his shirt collar.

3. Coffee breaks for your office staff are normally 15 minutes. When someone occasionally takes a few minutes longer, it’s not a big deal. Lately, however, one staff member has had three consecutive days when the break exceeded 20 minutes.

Write a hypothetical “I” message for each of the three situations.


Use one  of the online drawing tools  ( see the list below)  to develop an prototype interface  for the following case.

You will be proving prototype interface design for GoldStar Bank’s Mobile App for its employees. The bank is helping companies to do online transaction for the customers who holds their credit card (GoldStar Bank Credit Card). Please consider the following parameters:

• The Bank’s has one big database where it keeps all customer data transactions.
• The Bank’s physical data center is in NYC, NY.
• Data center has the power to process 5000,000 customers a day
• Customers can use GoldStar Bank Credit Card on Internet /online shopping
• The Bank’s database can be accessed remotely by the customers and  its employees

Design the prototype for the interface of the Mobile app for company employees.   You should be drawing three diagrams

DIAGRAM DESIGN 1  ( Main screen of the  Mobile app  BANK’S  MAIN WEB PAGE for employees  )




DIAGRAM DESIGN 2 (The user interface screen EMPLOYEE RELATIONS section. This will appear on the screen when the user selects EMPLOYEES section in the main page)





DIAGRAM DESIGN 3  (The user interface screen ACCESS TO CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS .  This will appear on the screen when the user selects ACCESS TO CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS section in the main page)

LOGIN PAGE FOR CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS DATABASE (this is to see a customer’s account)

  • Enter Employee Login Name
  • Enter Employee Password


You may use  one of the  free online apps for diagramming your network (Links to an external site.)

( is for building diagramming software. It is an open source stack and end user application used more widely than any other browser based diagramming software)

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT     Task brief & rubrics




  • This is an individual task.
  • The task focuses on areas studied to date, requiring you to show knowledge and application in the parts stated.
  • You should upload a single, correctly formatted document which may also include any relevant tables and diagrams


  1. Describe carefully all the tasks of a Production Manager
  2. How do these tasks fit with the rest of the Organization?
  3. How can Production Management help to reduce costs?
  4. Explain what productivity means. Main factors impacting productivity




        Company “Premium Paper” is located near Paris. The design and print paper for           furniture applications (usually called melamine paper). Production process consists on printing raw paper. Raw paper is delivered in big rolls (700 Kgs). Production process is done in multi-stage printing machines. Each stage of the machine contains an engraved cylinder and ink. Paper runs on the different stages and the combination of all of them provides the final printed paper.
Set up times in these machines are very long (3/4 hours). This means that every time the process is stopped because of any technical issue, the costs can be enormous.
Premium paper has 6 printing lines (3 “Stoner” Machines , 2 “Rotomec” Machines and  1 “Grimaldi” Machine  (the oldest one)

Premium Paper has a highly experienced maintenance team. Every time a machine suffers a breakdown they run and try to fix it as soon as possible. However due to some unexpected failures and lack of spare parts, “Premium Paper” is suffering very serious productivity problems.

  • How should you define the maintenance process?
  • Which changes should you implement in terms of maintenance?
  • Which recommendations should you address to the Top Management with respect the machines park?








  • Wordcount: 1.200 words (for the case)
  • Cover, Table of Contents, References and Appendix are excluded from the total wordcount.
  • Font: Arial 12,5 pts.
  • Text alignment: Justified.
  • Harvard style in-text citations and bibliography



It assesses the following learning outcomes:

  • understand the production management within operation management;
  • describe operations processes design and their management to contextualize and improve production performance;
  • assess lay out design and evaluate facility location;
  • evaluate how to elaborate a master production schedule (MRS) and material requirement planning (MRP);
  • understand quality control components and measures;
  • understand production in the global setting.








Marginal fail






Demonstrates exceptional knowledge and understanding of key concepts. Demonstrate good knowledge and understanding of key concepts- The report demonstrates a satisfactory level of knowledge and understanding of key concepts at this basic level. Demonstrates limited knowledge and understanding of the key  concepts. Demonstrates extremely poor knowledge and lack of understanding of the key  concepts.


All analytical tools studied are applied very well and highly relevant insight is drawn from them. Most analytical studied tools are applied well and relevant insight is drawn from them. Some analytical tools studied are applied well although there may be some minor misunderstandings. Some relevant insight may be drawn. Some misunderstandings may be in evidence for one or two tools. Limited insight drawn from analysis. There is almost no attempt to apply tools


There is exceptional evidence of evaluation and justification of recommendations There is some good evidence of evaluations of concepts and justification of recommendations There is some evidence of evaluation of the concepts and justification of recommendations There is little evidence of evaluation of concepts and justification of recommendations There is no virtually no evidence of evaluation of concepts and justification of recommendations


The management report is communicated extremely coherently, and referencing is accurate throughout The management report is communicated quite clearly, and referencing is fairly accurate but there are some issues in terms of spelling and structure The management report communicates the ideas in a mostly coherent way but there are some errors and some errors in referencing which are not accurate The management report is understandable but is communicated poorly and referencing is inaccurate The management report is extremely poor in terms of referencing (inaccurate or absent) and tends to be incoherent or insufficient (length) in terms of conveying ideas






Federalists and Antifederalists


  • Post at least three responses for each topic below: Please answer all 6 questions and please respond to any 4 students in class posts.
    • 1-Compare and contrast the priorities of the Federalists and Antifederalists for the design of the new Constitution. Although the Federalists argued for a stronger central government (and in many ways, they got one), the Antifederalists won important battles, such as the adoption of the Bill of Rights and the retention of power in the states. What does the debate between Federalists and Antifederalists tell us about American politics in the late eighteenth century? In what ways are the values and concerns of these two groups similar to or different from today’s political debates?
    • 2-Are we still a Democracy? Or are the rich dominating the American Political Process? Will love to hear your comments. Steve

      3- Why do only 40% of Americans take part in the political process Or VOTE? Will love to hear your comments. Steve

    • 4-Combating terrorism has entailed restrictions on civil liberties. How can we reconcile civil liberty and national security? Are we better off opting for more liberty or more security? Are the two goals mutually exclusive? Have Americans become less supportive of the limitations on liberty put into place after the terror attacks in 2001, or do they still perceive that it makes sense to give up some liberties in order to feel more secure?
  • 5-In light of the recent NSA spying on Americans. Do you believe that government has a right to do so or is Security more important than our constitutional right?
  • 6-One of the major concerns among the early America was the strong central government that was created in D.C. States were concerned about the abuse of power and the lack of States’ having their say in local issues or States’ rights. I wonder if we created dictatorship by having a strong central gov’t? Will love to hear your comments. Steve

Teaching Tip You must post at least three responses (200+ words minimum for each post) for this discussion board. Please see the syllabus for additional information on the requirements for discussion forums.