Challenges for Hispanic ESL High school students




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You are to discussed and expand research for the following points:
4. Inadequate resource for student evaluation
• ELL teachers do not have sufficient resources needed for student’s evaluation, thereby making it challenging
to determine student progress
According to Gonzalez-Herrera (2017), one of the primary challenge’s ESL students experience with regard
to ESL programs, is that they are usually assigned different classes from students who are native speakers of
English. This tends to generate fundamental academic problems because significant focus in such classes is
usually directed towards the development of proficient English-speaking skills.
5. How effective is the ESL testing in NYC.
5. ESL testing in NYC
“The NYSESLAT (New York State English as a Second Language Achievement Test) is the annual English
language assessment used to determine if an ELL continues to be limited English proficient, based upon such
student scoring at a state designated level of English proficiency on the NYSESLAT.
6. Inclusion or exclusion (The ESL education debate)
Latinos have been advocates in court desegregation cases pre¬ and post Brown. The most significant post
Brown cases have been Cisneros v. Corpus Christi Independent School District in Texas (1970) and Keyes v.
School District Number One, in Denver, Colorado (1975)” (Arias, 2007).
The Santamaria Family against the Dallas Independent School District case
7. Compare and contrast different ESL curriculum for high school students.

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