Change – Operational and Personal definitions

Change happens continually, there are big and small changes occurring in our personal and professional lives. The size of their impact has more to do with our expectations around that change and when it happens than it does the size of the actual change.

Take a moment and think about the changes in your life in the last two years. Think first of the personal changes—they don’t have to be major. They could be but don’t have to be.

Then list all the changes in your professional life.

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Now go through your list and put a “P” or “N” next to each item indicating whether the change was a positive (P) or negative (N) experience at the time.

Part 1:

Did your Positives outnumber your Negatives or vice versa?
Did you have more positives on your personal list? Why do you think that is?
Share one of the personal or professional changes in your life with your classmates and reflect on why you think it became a positive or negative change in your reflection?
Part 2:

What are the levels of change you read about in the course resources and research? Which theories of change do you think are most effective? Justify your choices. What situation in your life needs a change now? Did that influence your evaluation of the theories?

Why do you think there are often more personal changes people write down than professionals?

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