Characteristics of a leader



1. Please watch the following video

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Reflect on the following:
I. What are the characteristics of a leader?
II. What must happen for someone to become a leader?
III. What must your stance be on followers?
IV. Why must a movement be public?
V. How did the framework change of what was socially acceptable or not change over the course of the “movement”?
VI. How might you apply this to your thinking about implementing the change you planned for in the previous module?
(100 Words)

2. Use the Twill and Fisher (2010) reading to assist you in completing the following tasks.
Again, referring to the Welfare-to-Work Case Study we have been working with and using Articles 23–26 of the UNDHR as a standard:
• Identify some of the opportunities the welfare-to-work program has to potentially enhance the realization of participants’ human rights.
• Identify for the welfare-to-work program ways it can inadvertently cause human rights violations.
Assessment Rubric
• Students will use the UNDHR as a standard with which to evaluate an intervention.
(100 Words)

Using the Welfare-to-Work Case Study and the information from the Social Programs That Work website (from Module 5), answer the following questions. Use examples and class readings to support your answers.

How well does the intervention you chose meet the needs of the organization? (75 Words)

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