Child Observation Adalyn is my friend’s 5-year-old daughter. In the videos we ar

Child Observation
Adalyn is my friend’s 5-year-old daughter. In the videos we are at her house. She lives at home with her dad (Alec), her mom (Lindsey), and her little sister (Kenzlee), and of course her favorite family members… her 3 dogs. Adalyn plays really well with her sister Kenzlee as well as playing on her own. Adalyn is very independent and smart. Adalyn is developing in all areas; however, she is average within her class. Adalyn attends a public elementary school here in our hometown. Adalyn is in kindergarten.
Adalyn’s language is very good. She talks fluently and is up to speed for her age. As all kindergarteners, Adalyn, is still learning words and phrases how to properly say them. For example, in the beginning of the first video (:28) she is reading me a book about a pumpkin and she pronounces pumpkin like “punkin”. Adalyn may need some guidance on how to properly pronounce works. An activity I would do to help her pronounce words correctly is have the word broken up into syllables and have her put them in the correct order and have her say the syllables as she is putting them in order then after that we will say the words all at once.
Adalyn enjoys reading, however, like most children she would rather play with her toys. Adalyn is very lucky to be able to have all the books available to her to read whenever she wants. I was only with Adalyn for a short period of time, but her dad had said that they read books every night before bed and there are always books in her room and in the living room available to read when she wants. While I was observing Adalyn, she read me two books. From what I observed Adalyn is in the emergent phase. Adalyn needs a bit of help and/or guidance when it comes to reading because she is really just focusing on the pictures in the book rather than focusing on reading the words. She looks at the pictures and kind of makes up her own sentences based off of the pictures. She is very good at expressing her emotions and using her imagination. After we were done reading, she wanted to show me all of her toys and have me play with her.
When it comes to Adalyn’s reading, I would say she is developing in most areas. Some fun and engaging ways to help her improve her reading skills are:
1.    Make a chart with words and then have cards that rhyme with the words so she can pair them up (matching game).
2.    Breaking words up by their syllables and then having her match up what syllables go together.
3.    Read multiple different books not just the same one
4.    When in the car or just going to different places encourage the child to read street signs and billboards
5.    Encourage the child to read out loud so they can hear themselves and then you take a turn and read the book to them while they are following along and looking at the words
6.    Make reading fun! Incorporate an art project or dramatic play based off of the book.
In summary, Adalyn is a developing reader who needs some improvement when it comes to really looking at and understanding the words.

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Adalyn is my friend’s 5-year-old daughter. In the videos we ar appeared first on Homeworkassisters.

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