Child’s physical development.

Child’s physical development. Overview For the week 8 reflection, you will develop an activity for a 4-year-old who is stuck inside due to COVID-19. The activity should help support the child’s physical development. You will also use the Washington State Guidelines and the Yogman article as evidence to explain the benefits of your activity. First: Imagine you have a 4-year-old who has been stuck in the house for weeks. Second: Review the Yogman2018.pdf article and pages 74-75 of the WA State Guidelines (Ages 4 and 5, Touching Seeing, Hearing, Moving Around and Growing Up Healthy) Third: Think of an activity you could do indoors with this child that fosters physical development and encourages play. Feel free to use games or activities you enjoyed as a child. You can also get creative! Fourth: Write a reflection that addresses the following prompts. Describe your activity in detail. You can add pictures to illustrate your description, if you like. Explain how your activity supports physical development. Use evidence from pages 74-75 of the WA State Guidelines (Ages 4 and 5, Touching, seeing, hearing, & moving around, and Growing up healthy) to support your thinking. For example, you might say something like, “The WA State Guidelines say to ‘Give your child opportunities for in-place movement, such as bend- ing, twisting, stretching and balancing’ (p. 74). This supports my idea of doing basic yoga poses with the 4 -year-old because…” Be specific in making connections between the bullet points in the Guidelines and your activity. Explain how your activity encourages play as defined by Yogman. You should quote the Yogman article (see page 2 if you’re looking for a good quote). Is your activity playful as Yogman described? Is it playful in a different way? Is your activity designed for a different purpose than play? Your response should: Your response should be at least a page long (without pictures). Please do not go over 5 pages. Use quotes from the reading as evidence to support your thinking when asked to do so. Describe ideas in your own words when asked to do so.


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