Choose a research article relating to nursing or medicine to critique

This is a paper that is focusing on the student to choose a research article relating to nursing or medicine to critique. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assessment description to follow:

Choose a research article relating to nursing or medicine to critique

For this assignment, choose a research article related to nursing or medicine to critique. Articles for one assignment can’t be for the other assignments (students should find new research articles for each assignment). The selected articles should be original research articles. Review articles, meta-analysis, meta-synthesis, and systemic review should not be used. Your critique should include the following: Research Problem/Purpose State the problem clearly as it is presented in the report. Have the investigators placed the study problem within the context of existing knowledge? Will the study solve a problem relevant to nursing?

Firstly, state the purpose of the research. Secondly, review of the Literature Identify the concepts explored in the literature review. Were the references current? If not, what do you think the reasons are? Thirdly, theoretical Framework Are the theoretical concepts define and relate to the research? Fourthly, does the research draw solely on nursing theory or does it draw on theory from other disciplines? Is a theoretical framework in this research piece? If not, suggest one that might be suitable for the study.

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Choose a research article relating to nursing or medicine to critique

Variables/Hypotheses/Questions/Assumptions What are the independent and also dependent variables in this study? Are the operational definitions of the variables given? If so, are they concrete and measurable? Is the research question or the hypothesis stated? What is it? Methodology What type of design (quantitative, qualitative, and type) in this study? Was inductive or deductive reasoning used in this study? State the sample size and also study population, sampling method, and study setting. Did the investigator choose a probability or non-probability sample? State the type of reliability and the validity of the measurement tools. Were ethical considerations address?

Data Analysis What data analysis tool was used? How were the results present in the study? Identify at least one (1) finding. Summary/Conclusions, Implications, and Recommendations What are the strengths and limitations of the study? In terms of the findings, can the researcher generalize to other populations? Explain. Lastly, evaluate the findings and conclusions as to their significance for nursing.


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