Choose a research design and justify its choice.

1) Title Page. Include the name of the paper, your name, the class name, and the date. 2) Table of Contents. An outline of The Marketing Research Report. 3) Executive Summary. Include a one-page summary of the report. 4) Background Information. Choose and describe the background of a small business that you are familiar with or would be interested in starting up yourself. 5) Problem Definition. Identify a marketing problem related to that business. The problem should be relevant to the business and specifically outlined. The problem could be related to: A possible market to target; An adaptation of current practices towards a current market; A new opportunity to pursue; or A Marketing problem either at the consumer or organizational level. Clearly communicate, describe and discuss the problem that requires marketing research. Your description should demonstrate that you have a clear understanding of the problem at hand. 6) Research Objectives. Identify the information needed to address the research problem, including a specific discussion of the field data requirements. In doing so, you should identify the following elements: The type of information needed: primary, secondary, or both; The sources of information to be used; and Whether consumer or company data will be needed. 7) Research Design. Choose a research design and justify its choice. You should identify the following elements: Include an explanation of the exploratory, descriptive, or causal approach followed. Describe individual techniques that would be adopted. Describe the research design needs and limitations. 8) Fieldwork/Data Collection Techniques. Identify all appropriate data collection method(s). In doing so, you should identify the following elements: How data will be collected. All field data requirements. Discuss who would be responsible for data collection. Describe and discuss the control mechanisms that would be utilized to ensure the quality of data collected. 9) Findings, Recommendations, and Limitations. Summarize your proposal recommendation based on your findings and discuss the limitations of your research. 10) List of References. Please include a properly formatted APA list of references.