Choreographer success in communicating an overall idea

State the “who, what, where, when” of the performance. Briefly describe the company and the
Paragraph Two: Description
Describe one dance in detail. This paragraph should communicate how the dance looked and sounded.
Be aware of space, levels, shapes, rhythm, time and dynamics. Look for interrelationships among the
movement, such as: repetition and variation of the movement theme, organization into clear sections, and
the relationships of the dancers. How does the dance relate to the audience? Is the energy projected out or
does it draw the spectator in? What are the costumes, lighting, accompaniment, and stage atmosphere?
Refer to your “Performance Checklist.”
Paragraph Three: Analysis
This is your interpretation of the dance. State the dance genre and style (remember
that many contemporary choreographers combine different styles). Determine the
choreographer’s intent. Is the dance narrative, non-narrative, improvisation, or abstract? Do you believe
that the choreographer chose to allow the medium of movement to be the message or does the movement
tell a story or convey a specific message or statement?
Paragraph Four: Evaluation
This paragraph conveys how well the choreographer fulfilled his/her intent. Your
personal opinion and judgment is the basis for this paragraph. Was the dance successful?
Why or why not? Was the choreographer successful in communicating an overall idea?
Were the dancers technically proficient at performing the work? How did the lighting, set
design, costumes, and music enhance or diminish the dance? Although your opinions are
important here, be aware of your own biases. Be specific in supporting your likes and
Paragraph Five: Context/ Conclusion
How does this dance concert relate to your experiences in this class? How does this dance concert
connect to other dance performances that you have experienced or learned? How does it connect to
dance history and current trends of dance making? Would you recommend this performance to others?
Would you attend more performances by this company or by other dance companies in the future? How
did this experience affect your ideas about dance as an art form?



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