Class discussions (digital systems design & forensics)


Digital Systems Design & Forensics

CLASS DISCUSSIONS (300 or more words) APA format and Zero plagiarism.

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1.Why we need to learn Digital Forensics? Show your rationale.

2.Would you express your opinion about existing process models? Which is the most promising one? Why?

3.Why we need to do evidence management? Is it necessary?

4.Discuss about the cost and benefit of forensic readiness.

5.Why we need to do research about business risk scenarios?

6.The importance of potential data sources identification is emphasized in digital forensics. How can you improve the identification process?

7.Can you think of any other evidence collection factors beyond the ones described in the textbook?

8.Why do we need to establish legal admissibility in digital forensics?

9.In establishing secure storage and handling, backup and restoration strategies are very important. Why?

10.How can you enable targeted monitoring? Any issues we need to consider very carefully before doing it?

11.Can you think of any important considerations in your mind to maintain evidence-based reports well?

12.What would be important checkpoints in obtaining legal advice? Justify your opinion.



Title: Implementing Digital Forensic Readiness – From Reactive to Proactive Process 

Publisher: SYNGRESS

Author: Jason Sachowski

Edition/Volume/Copyright: The 1st Edition/_/2016

ISBN: 978-0-12-804454-4