Classroom Observation Comparison


Classroom Observation

Observe the classroom of the teacher you interviewed. Develop a 2–3 page report that can be shared with your class members in this unit’s discussion. Look for answers to the following questions in addition to the dispositions described and discussed in Unit 4, Discussion 2.

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Refer to the Code of Ethics for Minnesota Teachers.

Does the teacher utilize an ecological approach in supporting development and educational progress of students with exceptional learning needs?

Does the teacher create a learning environment that is designed to meet educational expectations and goals?

Does the teacher design instruction based on the understanding and identification of exceptionality, challenges, and gifts?

Does the teacher monitor and adjust strategies and resources in response to both learner productivity and learner feedback?

Does the teacher respect cultural diversity and incorporate cultural competencies?

Does the teacher communicate effectively, applying verbal, nonverbal, and listening techniques?

Does the teacher help all students learn at the highest possible level?

Does the teacher utilize the Minnesota Code of Ethics within their classroom and teaching?

Does the teacher appear committed to fairness?

Does the teacher display commitment to personal and professional conduct that is both ethical and respectful of the rights of others?

Does the teacher evince the belief that all children can learn at high levels?

Does the teacher persist in helping students achieve success by applying different approaches until they achieve that success?

Does the teacher appear willing to explore and use technology in the classroom?

Does the teacher appear to recognize when their own dispositions may need to be adjusted?

Does the teacher display commitment to reflective practice, professional development, and lifelong learning?