Clinical/practice experience


You have spent your clinical/practice experience (CPE) observing the academic setting and collaborating with
stakeholders to analyze the curriculum. During this time, you have identified a curriculum gap or need. You
are now tasked with summarizing your findings and presenting them as a formal curriculum proposal. The
goal of your proposal is to report the results of your analysis of an existing gap or need in the curriculum of
the academic setting and propose a new or redeveloped course intended to address this curriculum gap or
During your CPE, you worked with preceptors to develop several deliverables required to pass assessments
BHP2 and CCP2 of C946. In this task, you will describe, analyze, and justify the content of these deliverables
in order to create the first part of a formal curriculum proposal. Prompt G lists each of the deliverables you
submitted in CCP2 that you will include in this task.1. Describe each of the following aspects of the academic setting:
• the program level of the course you are proposing
• knowledge and skills of the typical learner in the academic setting from your CPE
• the learning environment and method used to deliver instruction to students
2. Describe the procedures you followed to complete your needs assessment and gap analysis, including
the roles, qualifications, and reason for including the stakeholders you involved. Do not include the
actual names of stakeholders.
3. Summarize the current and desired states of the curriculum as identified during your meetings with
4. Describe how your curriculum proposal will address the gap or need identified in part B2.
5. Describe the results of your Force Field Analysis, including each of the following:
• organizational strengths and situational factors that could support the adoption of your curriculum
proposal and how you can leverage these factors to your advantage
4/11/2021 WGU Performance Assessment 3/12
• organizational weaknesses and situational factors that could limit the adoption of your curriculum
proposal and how the negative impact of these factors can be mitigated
E. Complete the “Proposal Design Phase” section of your curriculum proposal by doing the following:
1. Describe the independent and collaborative procedures you followed to create the course syllabus you
submitted during your CPE.
2. Analyze how a new student would interpret the course description you included in your course
3. Analyze the course objectives you included in the course syllabus with regards to their measurability
and consistency with your proposed curriculum change.
4. Describe how each of the following elements of your syllabus are supported by current learning
theories and evidence-based practice and how each will support learning in your academic setting:
• teaching strategies
• instructional delivery methods
• learning materials
5. Analyze one student learning outcome (SLO) that you included on the syllabus. Be sure to include each
of the following in your analysis:
• Bloom’s cognitive level of the SLO
• expected student performance level of the SLO
• how the SLO can be measured
• how the SLO aligns with the course objectives
6. Justify why the course and grading policies you chose support the course objectives and overall goals
of the curriculum proposal.
F. Complete the “Proposal Development Phase” section of your curriculum proposal by doing the following:
1. Describe the independent and collaborative procedures you followed to create the course materials
(i.e., course content, assessments, and learning resources) you submitted during your CPE.
2. Describe how your learning resources and scenario-based learning activity will support student skill
development and encourage reflective practice.
3. Discuss how your chosen formative assessment activity will measure student progress and identify
potential areas for improvement as the student progresses through the module.
4. Discuss how summative objective assessment data can be used in the future to ensure that your
curriculum proposal is meeting its intended goals.
5. Justify how your summative performance assessment represents an authentic activity that is relevant
to you chosen curriculum proposal.


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