closely analyze a short story to understand how character, symbol, or plot is used to reveal a story’s theme, 2

PurposeThe purpose of this assignment is to 1) closely analyze a short story to understand how character, symbol, or plot is used to reveal a story’s theme, 2) construct the analysis into a formally structured essay with a fully-developed thesis and argument-driven body paragraphs, and 3) incorporate quotes from the story correctly and effectively as evidence for the analytical points being made in each body paragraph.TaskSelect one reading from Unit 1 of the course and argue how a character, symbol, or plot point is being used to convey the story’s main theme. Compose a well-organized academic paper that uncovers compelling connections between the literary technique and the literary theme. No additional sources are permitted for this essay. Follow MLA 8 style guidelines for the formatting of the essay and include a Work Cited page with the story listed as the only source. Use parenthetical citations in the body of the essay with page numbers for direct quotes.Criteria for SuccessA successful essay will include, in the introduction, a summary of the literary work(s) you have chosen, name the author(s), and explain the theme of the story that you will be analyzing. The introduction should conclude with a well-developed thesis claim that is focused on a precise scene or set of related details in the literature. You may use an optional prompt from this sheet or develop your own original thesis. The strongest thesis statements will answer these questions using precise language: What technique is used in the story to convey the theme? How does that technique reveal the theme? Why is it significant that the author chose to portray his or her theme using that technique?Create a structure that is organized around 3-4 key details or scenes in the literature:Body paragraphs should be structured as follows: Monarch caterpillarLiterary AnalysisEssay 1      Essay 1      20% of final grade      (280 pts)                3-5 pages                MLA format, double-spaced,                12-point Times New Roman font                Prewriting                Friday, Feb. 5, 2021                Draft                Wednesday, Feb. 10, 2021                  Essay due                  Monday, February 15, 2021                OptionsWhile you are more than welcome to formulate your own topic, here are some prompts to get you started.1.  In what ways do the handicaps in “Harrison Bergeron” result in strengthening or highlighting the very traits they are meant to suppress and why?2.  What does Dee intend to do with family heirlooms, instead of putting them to “Everyday Use?” How is this meant to illustrate her misunderstanding of “heritage,” a major theme in the story? 3.  What occurs in “The Things They Carried” to cause Lt. Jimmy Cross to lapse into fantasies of Martha or memories of Ted Lavender’s death? Why do you think O’Brien juxtaposes certain occurrences in war with fantasies or obsessive thoughts like those Jimmy Cross has?4.  How does Joyce Carol Oates use the threshold at the door of Connie’s house as a symbol of the two lives or identities that exist for Connie in the story and what each means to her, given her experiences on either side of the threshold and Arnold Friend’s attempt to convince her to cross the threshold and go with him?5.  In what ways does Michael Obi’s attempts to westernize the school in “Dead Men’s Path” fail and why is that failure significant, given the methods he used?
HU 142 // LearLocate 3-4 details that become the evidence section of the paragraph. Begin the paragraph with a well-developed point claim arguing how one component of the story supports your thesis claim. Incorporate quotes from the story to support that point using correct methods of incorporating quotes and citations. Explain/analyze the quotes to show how they prove your point.  Organize body paragraphs with point claims, examples, and analysis, in that order.Your conclusion should restate your main points in a way that reiterates the significance or “so what” of your thesis and the theme that the author was conveying through the literary techniques used in the story.Check to see that you include 3-5 body paragraphs and that your essay has met the minimum length requirement of three full pages. Format the essay using MLA style guidelines and revise for grammar and spelling.