CMSC 495 Creator Rator Software Requirements


The Software Requirements Specification is designed to document and describe the agreement between the customer and the developer regarding the specification of the software product requested. Its primary purpose is to provide a clear and descriptive “statement of user requirements” that can be used as a reference in further development of the software system. This document is broken into a number of sections used to logically separate the software requirements into easily referenced parts.

The purpose of this Software Requirements Document (SRD) is to provide a detailed description of the functionalities of the Creator Rator system. This document will cover each of the system’s intended features, as well as offer a preliminary glimpse of the software application’s User Interface (UI). The document will also cover hardware, software, and various other technical dependencies.

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The application will allow the user to be able to view aggregate IMDB ratings for works that a creator (actor, writer, director, or producer) has been featured or involved in any work.(creator rating) A creator, who has involvement with higher rated works will have a higher score than a creator involved in lower rated works. The creator score will also be viewable through lensing, by the role that a creator had in works. As many creators will be credited for acting, writing, directing, and/or production throughout their careers, this lens provides multiple views only considering the type of credit in a works. Individually, the number of these credits should be equal to or less than the total number of credits for a creator. Creators will also have 0-3 collaborators listed with an adjusted rating modifier. As creators almost always collaborate with others, many times they collaborate with the same individuals. In the case where a creator has at least 3 credits and 2 of them feature at least one other creator (collaborator) and their third credit which does NOT feature said collaborator. An adjusted score can be derived from the average ratings of works with the collaborator compared to the average ratings of works without the collaborator. In the case that the average rating with the collaborator is higher than the ones without, the modifier will be positive and vice versa. In the case of there not being enough collaborators, then these fields will be blank, and no collaborator modifier will apply.