CO6343 System Analysis And Design

Extensions should be requested through the online system available on the Registry services pages on Portal. Late work is penalised at the rate of 5% per day or part thereof.

Learning Outcomes Assessed

1.Apply and evaluate current principles and approaches of systems analysis, design and development
2.Apply these principles to the development of accurate systems models
3.Generate comprehensive solutions using appropriate tools and techniques
4.Critically assess the role of Systems Analysis and Design in the software development process  
Critically evaluate relevant case studies

The company already has an information system which captures primary sales data, i.e. the sales of the company to major retailers. The system also collects secondary sales data, which is the sales from retailers to end consumer.

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The conclusion of this meeting that a new small-scale application will be developed and integrated with the existing sales system.

The New Application Will Have The Following Capabilities:

-Marketing staff will be able to their activities, as well as the activities’ start and end dates.
-Marketing staff will be able to define a target sales increase percentage target for each activity. Please note that the sales system has a sales forecasting plan for every product per month, the forecasting plan is generated without taking the marketing activities into consideration.
-Marketing staff will be able to generate reports showing actual sales vs. sales forecast vs. marketing activity sales target.
The system proposal was developed and approved by the company board. You have been selected as the lead business analyst to manage the SDLC end-to-end.

1.After conducting a complete feasibility study, describe any risks that you identified during the feasibility study. Classify the identified risks as technical, economical or organisational. Please note that you are only required to describe the identified risks, not provide a full feasibility study.

2.Discuss which software development methodology that you will adopt for the system development. Include the pros and cons of each methodology. Your Answer should be specific to the case study and not a generic one.

3.To start planning for the system, develop a work breakdown structure that contains at least three levels of detail; work package, activity and task levels.

4.State whether a process-centred, data-centred, object-oriented, or an integrated approach to system modelling should be adopted, and critically evaluate the effectiveness of this approach.

5.Develop your requirement gathering and definition approach. This should cover:

a) Stakeholder analysis.
b) Various requirements gathering techniques that you will use.
c) A detailed example of one of the techniques.

6.Develop the following deliverables:

a)Data Flow Diagram for level 0 and level 1.
b)Two different use case diagrams.
c)A use case template for one of the use cases in your answer to question b)
d)Class Hierarchy diagram for the system.

7.After all analysis and design deliverables are finalised, you need to decide on the system acquisition strategy. Discuss the available options to acquire the system. Justify your decision.  Your answer should be specific to the case study and not a generic one