Pick ONE of the following key concepts and write a clear, coherent essay about what one text we have read this term does with that concept – what is the text’s attitude towards it? How does this idea help the text convey a moral message? Use your chosen concept as an organizing principle. Your essay must have a thesis that refers to this concept and the essay must use supporting evidence (quotations). Your introductory paragraph should conclude with your thesis. Paragraphs should have topic sentence claims (do not summarize the plot in your topic sentences) and take the time to unpack the evidence presented in the body of the paragraph. This kind of engagement with direct quoted evidence is required in this essay. Essays that fail to use specific evidence will not be successful.
These topics are fairly broad, so you will need to find an angle that really interests you so it remains focused and clear. Please note that this is not like the word search essay – you are not simply looking for occurrences of this word. Instead, you are thinking about how this idea or concept operates more broadly in the text. Check out the Writing and Analysis Resources folder on Blackboard for help with what strong analysis and use of evidence looks like


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