1. Examine yourself as a team member and/or collaborator. Be sure to include the following:

路 Identify your three top strengths and provide examples of how your strengths have helped (or could help) your team and/or collaboration

路 Examine factors that make collaboration and/or teamwork more difficult for you

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路 Identify two areas where you may need to improve and assess how those may impact a team or team environment

路 Include strategies for how you could address your identified weaknesses to minimize their negative impact

路 Analyze what you can personally gain from being an effective team member and/or collaborator

2. Establish a set of five personal ground rules that you will use to ensure you are a productive and responsible collaborator and/or team member and explain why these are important (hint: think about your responses to the previous bullets as you formulate your list)

3.. Assess how what you have learned will enable you, in the role of a manager, to build and manage effective and successful teams.