COMM171 College Communication

You will analyze these readings by responding to 5 questions in your own words. 

Please answer all questions on the space provided. Use complete sentences. Marks will be deducted for sentences that are copied from the original readings.

1. In “Finding a Nationality That Fits,” Isabel Vincent uses the method of chronological order in telling her story of her experience in Canada.  Please explain clearly why she uses this method.

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2.  Afraj Gill, who writes for the Globe and Mail, reflects on his “educated” success in “An A+ Student Regrets His Grades.” He contends that a grade-driven education system only contributes to passive learning.  What techniques does Gill use to reinforce his argument? Please explain in 3-4 sentences.

3. In the reading “An A+ Student Regrets His Grades,” does Gill use formal or informal writing? Please explain.

4. In “Chicken Hips” Catherine Pigott uses the technique of contrast. What does Pigott contrast to explain her point.  Explain why she uses this technique.  Please answer these questions clearly in 3 -4 sentences. Make sure you use details.

5. In “Chicken Hips,” Pigott uses personal tone (first person). Why does she use this method? In addition, explain her purpose of writing about her experience in Gambia. Please explain using details in 3-4 sentences.