Common non-deductible expenses in operating a business


Please ensure the presentation falls within the parameters of issues/topics covered by the course. The course is Taxation of Business. The presentation should be in the form of a Power Point presentation. You will be asked to present for five (5) minutes. You will not be allowed to exceed the five minute limit for the presentation. Please be prepared to answer questions on your presentation. If you do not know the answer, let the evaluators know you will get back to them with an answer (never guess an answer), however as you selected the topic it is expected you will be able to answer most question(s) that may be asked. The grade will be based on the ACCTG 332 Presentation Evaluation Rubric with slide deck.

Issues for consideration: the external evaluators are prospective employers, clients, networking contacts, as are your fellow students. You may want consider appropriate business attire to wear for the presentation.

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