Common packaging materials




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Here are the steps to complete the project:

Design packaging to protect a raw egg from a high fall. You will be required to use a cardboard box for your outermost packaging, but you may use common packaging materials to protect the egg inside the package, such as:
Bubble wrap
Rubber bands
Packing peanuts
Plastic air bags
Paper/newspaper/kraft paper
Other common packaging materials you have on-hand
You will place the egg and the packaging materials in a cardboard box. Take a photo of the inside of the box with the packaging and the egg before sealing it.
Complete items 1-3 on the activity sheet.
Drop the box from the equivalent to one-story high or about 10 feet. BE CAREFUL!!! Make sure you are supervised. If for some reason you cannot do this, an alternative is to place 20 lbs on top of the box (use weights or bags of flour/sugar or rocks, etc.).
Open the box, take a photo of the inside of the box, and check the condition of the egg.
Complete items 4-8 on the activity sheet.






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