Communication and the Global World

The Individual Project for Unit focuses on a coffee franchise expansion in Mexico and China. Please read the assignment details found in Unit for all of the information. Below is additional information meant to provide clarification. This assignment uses a website for a graph and explanation of the cultural dimensions for each country. Here are the links: To create the graph: To view the comparisons for each country and each dimension:,mexico,the-usa/ Here is what I am looking for to complete the assignment: Explain Hofstedes cultural dimensions. There are 6 dimensions: Power Distance, Individualism, Masculinity, Uncertainty Avoidance, Long Term Orientation and Indulgence. Make sure that you define what each dimension means. Using the United States as a basis for comparison, evaluate each country’s similarities and differences relative to the franchise business deployment. Don’t just list the scores from the graph. What I am looking for is an evaluation of how those difference or similarities would impact the coffee franchise project. For example, all three countries show a strong tendency towards the dimension of masculinity. This indicates the culture in these countries drives towards success and to be the best. When discussing the franchise project with the team, one focus can be on how our franchise plan will allow them to be one of the best in the business. Discuss the implications for your initial communications within each country. For example, what is the impact of collectivism relative to individualism regarding management communication? The answer could include something like-China and Mexico are both collectivism cultures. These countries place a high value on relationships and building trust. Prior to the formal negotiations, it would be beneficial to have informal meetings to get to know the parties involved. The U.S. team or at least the team lead should visit the countries to get to know the cultures and cities the franchise would open in. In the announcements for Week 2 to there are several resources to help with this assignment. Here is a link to a video that walks through the assignment. It was recorded by another CTU professor, Dr. Jon Sturtz. You might find this helpful as well. The link is: