Company analysis

Selects a real-life company from the world of business that has gone through a new techno
Look in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Forbes, etc. to help you in your selection proce
Once I approve the selected company, investigate the company through:
+ Corporate website + + + + + + Businessweek
Now prepare an “Executive Report,” as follows (based on Teams of 2, otherwise adjust):
1. Briefly summarize the work of the company and what the technology change(s)
involved – minimum 2 pages.
2. Discuss what structural change(s) to the company’s structure was required because of the new technology – m
3. Discuss what strategy change(s) the company could now address, and how the change prepares the company
4. Discuss what people change(s) (characteristics) was (or will be) required at the organization because of the ne
5. Discuss the overall “resistance to change” in all the changes that were (are) required. Why was there such resi
6. List of references: books, articles, websites, etc. – minimum 1 page.
Additionally, flavor your remarks with information about the technological environment, intellectual property, organ
Use links below and any other links you find and mention Dynamic Yield, Mcdelivery night, and Apprente



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