compare and contrast the state of the environment in 1948 and today

Instructions: Thoroughly compare and contrast the state of the environment in 1948 and today.

Build a table and include it to support your essay– the table should help you see the similarities and differences. Particularly focusing on the US, would you say that environmental regulations have become necessary during this transition period? Why or why not? What key events justify your position?

Cite all sources used both within the text and in a reference list at the end of your essay using APA style. A fully developed response should go beyond your textbook and required readings (although you may include them). Include at least three citations from scholarly sources (e.g., no wiki-anything) and avoid direct quotes. Paraphrase and summarize your findings, using your own voice, rather than relying on the words of another author. Demonstrate student learning through the synthesis of your findings.

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Your assignment should be 2-3 pages maximum in length. There is an assignment template attached here for your convenience in organizing your assignment paper. This will be utilized for all assignments in this course.

This course uses automatic plagiarism checking software (Turnitin). You may submit your work up to 3 times prior to the deadline to check your similarity scores (aim for 10% similarity or less). It takes roughly 15 minutes for the system to process your submission and show the score.