Compare the policy alternatives outlined in the previous step.

In 8-10 pages, apply all that you have learned to develop a health
policy analysis of a health problem that you choose. Your analysis
Introduce the problem you wish to research and analyze.
Place the issue in historical context by describing how the
problem arose and outlining previous efforts, if any, to address
the problem.
Identify a set of policy options government might take to
resolve the issue.
Compare the policy alternatives outlined in the previous step.
Discuss how each alternative would resolve the issue identified
in your introduction.
Recommend a policy action, based on your analysis of the
alternatives. Articulate reasons, supported by facts and
evidence, why the policy proposal you have chosen would be
the best avenue for addressing the health problem.
You will need to conduct outside research for this paper, but you have
multiple resources to pull from using the internet.
Writing expectations include competency in the following:
1 / 2
-Sentence Structure
-Verb Tense and Agreement
-Pronoun Use
-Possessive Use
-Focus and Organization
-Thesis Statement & Conclusion
You should use a minimum of 4-6 academic sources in support of
your Signature Assignment.