Comparing the lyrics (not the music) of two different songs. Please choose songs that are generally appropriate for the radio. If you choose songs in Spanish or a different foreign language, please provide translations.

Please note that the goal of a comparison/contrast essay should never be to simply state the facts, like a drawn out bullet list of the similarities/differences. Your paper should have a clear purpose–readers should feel, as they read your paper, that there is an obvious reason you are making this comparison. The paper should have a point. What your point is is up to you–perhaps you want to make the claim that one song is better than another, or that two books that seem very different are actually very similar when you look closer.Note: The introduction needs to be as clear as possible, has to have 3 main points that will be discussing in the body paragraphs, and thesis statement.-The body has to have 6 different paragraphs and written in either point-by-point organizations or block organizations.-POINT-BY-POINT is his organizational pattern is most effective when used on longer essays, such as a comparison of two articles, short stories, or novels. The body of such an essay is organized by discussing one point at a time and how it applies to each subject before moving on to the next point.EXAMPLE for point-by-point organization:Paragraph 1: Background of song #1Paragraph 2:Background of song #2Paragraph 3: Meaning of song #1Paragraph 4:Meaning of song #2Paragraph 5: How did song #1 effect on peopleParagraph 6:How did song #2 effect on peopleBLOCK ORGANIZATION is This organizational pattern is most effective when used on short essays, such as in-class essays. The body of such an essay is organized by discussing one subject, point by point, in complete detail before moving on to the next subject.EXAMPLE of block organization:Paragraph 1: Background of song #1Paragraph 2:Meaning of song #1Paragraph 3 How did song #1 effect to peopleParagraph 4: Background of song #2Paragraph 5: Meaning of song #2Paragraph 6 How did song #2 effect on peoplePLEASE NOTE: this is not what I want you to write exactly how I listed, you definitely are fine you can come up with something even better. I am just giving out the examples for you to better understand.Check the length of paragraphs—hunt for paragraphs that are too short (fewer than five sentences) or too long (3/4s of a page or longer).Check for incorrect point of view. For this paper, no first or second personDo not use: You, Your, I, Me, My, We, OurCheck your thesis statement. Does itIdentify main topic of the paperInclude a clear claim/judgment about your topicInclude a summary/map of your essay’s main pointsMake sure every body paragraph has a clear topic sentence. It shouldIdentify the main topic of that paragraphInclude an argument about that topic that links back to your main argumentDo you have at least three clear points for comparison/contrast?Are the comparisons strong, logical, and thorough? (Nothing left just dangling there?)Is the organization of the paper either point-by-point or block format?Make sure you are using one of these!