– Complete

– Complete  PEST-C + Legal analysis of petroleum manufacturing in Saudi Arabia
– Identify and evaluate some of the Globalization Forces (Drivers of Globalization) that may be supporting or hindering  success within the industry.
– Identify 3 Potential Rivals of the industry that you have chosen to work in and identify what advantages they have and how they compete.  These will be determined based not necessarily where they physically exist but where they interrupt or compete with your industry
– Identify the Trade Agreements that your host country are members of.  Identify your sources and expand on what is covered by the agreements using the appropriate tools. (Hint— see the CIA Fact Sheet.See World Trade Organization (https://www.wto.org/) etc.  Identify the Balance of Trade and the countries that your host country imports and exports from and too.
– For your business, technology, and country (A)explain what impact these agreements will have on your business in terms or supply chain or access to markets for export. (B) Conduct analysis
– Conduct analysis of Supply Chain  and Distribution Networks


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