Computer Information systemsAccounting for managers



Using the included Excel Spreadsheet template. This assignment focuses on financial statement analysis and financial ratios.Late assignments will be graded per the Late Assignment Policy posted within the syllabus. The grading rubric is listed below.

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Case Study of Castles in the Air published by ModelOff (Links to an external site.).

Review the information and questions for the case Castles in the Air
Using the accompanying workbook or by creating your own, develop your model for this case
Answer all of the questions listed for this model
Answer the following qualitative questions (minimal of a paragraph for each):
Based on the provided information, which property would you choose to move forward with if you were choosing an investment? Why would you choose this property?
Based on the provided information, which property is the worst choice for investment? Why is it the worst choice?
What additional information would you want to know before making a final selection for a property investment?





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